Why should small businesses use digital marketing?

April 29, 2020by Anchit Upadhyay1

Why Should Small Businesses Use Digital Marketing?

As the world is becoming modern, things are getting disturbed as before, whatever people used to buy, they used to go to the market and look for things and buy. But in today’s digital world people do not have that much time to go to the market for one thing. People are making themself engaged in Digital Buying Medium. People have started getting more involved in digital purchases.

But in the same digital world, many business owners still use Traditional Marketing such as putting pamphlets and posters, giving television ads, and many more. Let know how small business owners can use Digital Marketing for their business.

What Actually Digital Marketing Is?

Before we go into how to use Digital Marketing as a Small Business Man, we need to know and understand what actually Digital Marketing is?

Digital marketing is nothing but a way to promote your products or services digitally. As we know that most of the time people use the Internet. Due to this trend of users towards the Internet, businesses are adopting Digital Marketing. If we look at market stats, about 80% of shoppers do online research before buying someone’s product or before taking service. In such a situation, digital marketing becomes important for any company or business. It is also called Inbound Marketing.

Digital marketing in usa
Digital Marketing

Age and Future of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing was born 49 years ago by Ray Tomlinson in 1917 when the first email was sent, which he sent to his own mail id (As there was no email id at that Time). But this is not called the True Beginning Of Digital Marketing. It started right in 1990 and since then he has been growing early. Till now in today’s modern world the use of Inbound Marketing is also done by AI (Artificial Intelligence). Today, we use Artificial Intelligence to find out the behavior of the user, finding market trends, analyzing ROI, store data in many ways, and many more.

Reason To Choose Only Digital Marketing For Small Business

After getting to know about the use of digital marketing and its trends, let us know why small businesses need to have a digital marketing and why they cannot serve with Traditional Marketing.

  • Pocket Friendly

Suppose you have a small restaurant where the best food is made in that place. You decided to create awareness about your restaurant. What will you do in traditional marketing? You will call the advertisers and will put up a billboard in the busiest area of the city by spending huge money. Sure you get leads but the money you spent would be high. But choosing the Digital Marketing Platform, you have complete control over your budget.

  • Your customers are online

As you know, in today’s digital world, the maximum people spend their time on the digital platform whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or TikTok. It is not wrong to say that your customers are online today. If you have already then it is good if not then you also have to be online to make your product and service accessible to them.

  • Can Make Trust

Digital marketing gives us the ability to make direct conversions with the customer whereas this is not possible in traditional marketing. Due to which we can build a good trusting relationship with the customer by providing better information about our company, team, and product or service.

  • Highly engageable

It is a platform where there is a chance to do a direct conversation with the customer which increases the chance of sales for the companies or small businesses. It has been observed that businesses that do Online Advertising increase sales subscriptions and leads, but yes it depends on the nature of your business.

  • Generate Better Revenues

Actually, digital marketing gives you an option to customize your audience that can target more like the customer. Digital Marketing Strategy gives more conversions, revenue also increases as a result of Higher Conversion Rates. Google has also confirmed in a study with IPSOS Hong Kong that an estimated 2.8 times better revenue can be grown using online marketing. In this digital era, small and medium enterprises are rapidly using Digital Marketing Techniques that will have 3.3 times better chances of expanding their workforce and business and using the internet as rocket fuel for growth for small and medium enterprises.

  • Interaction with Targeted Audiences

Suppose you have a business that you want to advertise, you go to a traditional house to get advertised, then you get your ad placed in the newspaper, a lot of people will see your ad but how will you contact him for your business. For that, digital marketing is what you are thinking about. It gives two-way interaction for the users, i.e. the customer and business owner who could contact directly to each other because it is more targeted. You can Target Your Audience by defining then like:

Suppose jewelry selling is your business for it, it is basically for females. Where you do not have the freedom in traditional marketing there is the ability in online marketing, is that you can target your audience by defining the sex group, age group, location, and more.

  • Builds Brand Reputation

When we look at something repeatedly and we start to notice. If we see the same brand’s ads during all the online activities of a day our mind starts capturing that. Due to digital marketing, we can show our ad to all the platforms where users interact within a day. That makes a brand image to the customer regarding that product or service. It may be positive or negative it totally depends upon the content of your ad.

  • Better ROI for Your Marketing Investments

Digital marketing gives a better Return On Investment(ROI). Let’s understand from an example: 

Let you have a marketing budget of one lakh, now what happens if you invest it in traditional marketing, you will put a big budget on a big hardening ad, on the TV channel, and in newspapers ads but you have not reached the maximum customer here, but you have reached the viewer of the maximum ad. But in Online Marketing you can reach more customers who will be your target audience. Hence you can get the best ROI for your business.

  • Can Track Action of User to Provide better solution

Digital marketing provides us with the ability to track the activities of our users and customers. You can Track Your Ad Campaigns. You can find out which of our ads is performing better and where it is performing, how many people are seeing that, which age group of people are more interested in the ads to see, can track the sex of your audiences like male or female, what are the locations, the whole thing can be tracked that help you on reaching your customer and improving your ad campaigns.

  • Provides an equal opportunity for every business

There is no Discrimination In Digital Marketing. It works for some big businesses and it works for some small businesses. It has its rules for every business, its activities are similar to its ways of working, having the same algorithm for all business. Just how well you can optimize them in your ads better your campaign will perform.

  • Mobile marketing

What do you think about mobile marketing? In today’s generation, maximum people have mobile with internet facilities, so with Online Marketing, you can directly reach your customers to their own phones and interact with our customers through our ads on their own mobile phones. The business owner can tell them what service they are providing and why the customers are waiting for. So we can have a good bond created between our business and our customers from our victory.

  • Major Result

As I have said earlier that we can major results using digital marketing completely. With this we can see how much our product has been purchased, how many people have repurchased that product, how many people have come from references, how many people are come from advertising, how many people have come to us again, how many people have come back and gone back, how many people have come to us organically, you can major all the major results to Improve Your Ad Campaign better. So that the Return Of Investment can be increased.

  • Reach Global

It is so good that if you were sitting at your home and your product was going on sale all over the world. You could make this thing possible. Does it sound excited, Right? Digital Marketing makes this possible. You just stay in one place and your services or dream product can be found globally just by Advertising Globally. But in traditional marketing, it is not possible to market your product or services at an affordable or pocket-friendly budget.

  • Retargeting Ability

If anyone of your customers saw your ads on TV and had to buy that thing but didn’t buy it today. Can you show him the advertisement of your business after a few days when he has to buy that product or service? Maybe not. But through Online Marketing it gives you the option of retargeting through which you can give you ad to any users who have come to our website or have shown interest in your products or services. You can show him a similar advertisement if you want to, so the conversion rate is much higher than retargeting any new. This is why you can come to Online Marketing For Any Small Business.

Does Digital Marketing Have Made for Small Businesses?

Here a question arises in the mind of whether Digital Marketing is really made for small businesses? The answer is yes, digital marketing is not made for any specific type of business. It can be done by any kind of business owner. It does not matter that your business is small, medium, or big, you can track your customers from anywhere anytime. You can interact with them and can sell your product and service. This is the best use of digital marketing.

Some Facts About Digital Marketing.

  1. Today more than 90% of the people do not search online thinking about which brand they want to buy, they just come true by thinking that they want something better.
  2. If we talk about the digital purchases trend, it has grown by 45% since the last few years.
  3. It is a pleasure for small business owners that more than 65% of mobile users and customers are searching online for local products and service providers.
  4. By today Social Media Increasing By Leaps And Bounds. Only on Facebook, more than 2.4 Million Active Users.


Last but not least. Now if you are searching for a Digital Marketing Partner or Digital Marketing Advertising Agency or a company for your small business that can do digital marketing better for you, then a great option for you was Themarketingboy.com. That provides you better pricing and planning that will be in your budget. So why are you waiting? Contact for more details and start gaining a high ROI.

Anchit Upadhyay
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Anchit Upadhyay
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