Growth in online sales

Lenskart, India’s leading eyewear company, achieved a remarkable 75% growth in online sales within two years of implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. This digital transformation fueled significant customer acquisition and brand recognition, solidifying Lenskart’s position at the forefront of the Indian eyewear market.
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About Lenskart
Founded in [2010], Lenskart revolutionized the eyewear industry with its innovative omnichannel approach. They offer a vast selection of trendy and classic eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses for men and women. Lenskart prioritizes affordability and convenience, providing free eye tests in-store and online, along with a hassle-free home try-on service for eyeglasses. Their commitment to exceptional customer experience and high-quality products has made them a household name in India.

The challenge

Despite Lenskart’s established brand recognition, the company encountered notable challenges when attempting to transition customers from the conventional brick-and-mortar model of purchasing eyeglasses to a fully online experience. While the brand had successfully carved out a reputation in the eyewear industry, many consumers remained hesitant to abandon the familiarity and assurance provided by physical stores. This reluctance stemmed from concerns regarding the accuracy of online prescriptions, the inability to try on frames in person, and uncertainties surrounding the virtual shopping process. To address these hurdles, Lenskart needed to implement strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing the online shopping experience and assuaging consumer apprehensions. This involved investing in technologies such as virtual try-on tools and augmented reality features to simulate the in-store try-on experience digitally.
Services Used:

Business impact

TheMarketingBoy’s data-driven digital marketing strategy yielded impressive results:
Growth in online sales
Increase in website traffic
Increased customer engagement across social media platforms

Esteemed digital marketing solutions

Lenskart’s dedication to innovation and collaboration was a driving force behind the exceptional results we achieved together. As a valued partner, they established a dedicated account manager who served as a bridge between our marketing team and their creative departments. This open communication channel ensured a deep understanding of Lenskart’s brand identity, target audience, and the specific challenges of selling eyeglasses online in the Indian market.
“TheMarketingBoy’s expertise in digital marketing has been instrumental in our online growth. Their data-driven approach and creative campaigns have helped us educate customers, build trust, and establish Lenskart as the leading online destination for eyewear in India. We’re thrilled with the results and look forward to continuing this successful partnership.” – CEO, Lenskart”
For Lenskart, we put together a robust digital strategy that includes:

+75 %

Growth in online sales

300 %

Increase in website traffic

145 %

Increased customer engagement across social media platforms

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