Reduction in customer acquisition cost

Acko, the innovative car insurance provider, achieved a staggering 62 million users on its platform within a short period. This surge in users, coupled with an 85% reduction in customer acquisition cost, solidified Acko’s position as a major player in the Indian car insurance market. Their data-driven digital marketing strategy has fueled remarkable growth, making Acko a household name for car owners seeking a transparent and affordable insurance experience.
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About Acko
Founded in [2016], Acko is revolutionizing car insurance with its focus on tech-driven efficiency and customer-centricity. They bypass traditional agents and offer a completely digital platform, allowing users to customize and purchase car insurance plans in minutes. Acko prioritizes transparency with clear pricing structures and a hassle-free online claims process. Their commitment to a user-friendly experience and competitive rates has made them a preferred choice for millions of car owners across India.

The challenge

Entering the established car insurance market, which was dominated by traditional players, Acko encountered numerous significant hurdles. The primary challenge was breaking through the stronghold of well-established insurers who had built considerable trust and loyalty over decades. These traditional companies had entrenched themselves deeply in the market, boasting extensive networks and a solid reputation for reliability. Customers were often hesitant to switch to a new, digital-only insurer like Acko, fearing the unknown and valuing the face-to-face interactions and perceived security offered by conventional insurance providers. To overcome these challenges, Acko needed to strategically differentiate itself by leveraging technology to provide a superior customer experience. They focused on creating a seamless, user-friendly online platform that simplified the insurance buying process, making it more transparent and accessible.
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Business impact

TheMarketingBoy’s data-driven strategy fueled Acko’s meteoric rise. Acko’s user base exploded to a staggering 62 million, while customer acquisition costs plummeted by 85%. Brand awareness and website traffic skyrocketed, and social media engagement soared. This digital marketing magic transformed Acko into a major player in the Indian car insurance market. TheMarketingBoy’s data-driven approach yielded impressive results:
Users growth on the Acko platform
Reduction in customer acquisition cost
Increased customer engagement on social media platforms

Esteemed digital marketing solutions

Acko’s unwavering commitment to digital innovation and customer focus was a driving force behind the phenomenal results we achieved together. As valued partners, they established a dedicated account manager who served as a bridge between our marketing team and their tech-savvy product development team. This open communication channel fostered a deep understanding of Acko’s disruptive approach to car insurance and the specific challenges of transitioning Indian consumers to a fully digital model.
“TheMarketingBoy’s expertise in digital marketing has been a game-changer for Acko. Their innovative campaigns and data-driven approach have fueled our growth and helped us reach a massive user base. We’re proud to make car insurance accessible and transparent for millions of Indians, and we look forward to continuing this successful partnership with TheMarketingBoy.” – CEO, Acko
For Acho, we put together a robust digital strategy that includes:

+62 %

Users on the Acko platform

85 %

Reduction in customer acquisition cost

135 %

Increased customer engagement on social media platforms

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