5 Scientifically Proven Ways To Sell Anything To Anyone

How exactly you can sell anything to anyone? 

Selling is by far the most important skill you will ever learn. If you’re in a job interview you need to know how to sell yourself not only to be able to get the job but to get it with a maximum salary possible.

If you’re a Salesman you will never be rejected again if you simply apply these tips. No matter who you are? No matter what your background is?

Imagine for a moment if you know how to sell. All that you need to do is to come up with a product or service and start selling it and it’s only a matter of time or you will be filled with cash. What made this guy is so different than the rest of the entrepreneur is probably because he knew how to sell a thousand dollar product that only takes a hundred twenty bucks to build.

Fortunately, there is science behind all of this there is science. Why people buy from one person and ignore the other? Here in this blog, I’m going to share with you 

Five Scientifically Proven Ways That You Can Use To Sell Anything To Anyone Right Now. 


The first thing when I talk to you is the rule of authority. We are more likely to follow a request if it’s coming from an expert. Since we’re so lazy to think about everything we have. Came to certain conclusions too just if it’s coming from a credible source then it must be reliable too. Regardless of how ridiculous it might sound that’s why we find some great salespeople sticking their certificates on the wall of their offices where they meet their clients. Because it says a message to the client that the guy you’re dealing with knows exactly what he is doing.

The other person knows what makes you a credible person to sell this particular product or service you can present that in many different ways if you’re selling a medical product for example: 

Don’t forget to mention that you are a doctor with 15 years of experience in this field. Indirect signals could also have a significant impact like the title before your name or the clothes that you’re wearing. I did the same thing in the beginning of this blog when I told you that I’m going to share with you scientifically proven ways.

Probably grab your attention because most of us believed in whatever sign says and science says that people will more likely believe in what you say. Simply by stating science says I guess that worked pretty well so if you are not a credible person yourself look at this about the credibility of the product for example.

Make The Other Person To Like You

The second way to sell is to make the other person to like you. I’m sure that you have came across someone try to sell something in the streets and you probably rejected him without the second thought. Now imagine if that person is your friend it gets hard to reject him right. We might even feel guilty for not buying from him.

So, why not use this trick with every person you are trying to sell something. Before jumping into business make the other person like you but what are the Factors That Cause One Person To Like Another Person

Well there are many factors that are involved here but in general:

1. We like people who are similar to us.

2. People who pay as compliments.

3. Those who work with us for mutual goals.

Instead of started talking about all the benefits of your product first why don’t you have a small talk to find some similarities between you. Maybe both of you watch soccer, perhaps both of you support the same team. The more reasons you will give him to like you the higher the chances that you will make the sale.

Give and Take

The third rule is give and take. We feel obligated to give if we have been given something you’re probably familiar with this role. You know when it’s your birthday you always invite the people who have invited you before their birthdays. You always hope the people have helped you before because you feel obligated to return the favor and that’s one of the reasons why salespeople usually give you a free sample to try.

In order to give you this feeling of obligation to buy the rest of the package, of course, they are trying to expose you to their products but at the same time, they understand the psychological effect it has on yours. So this is one of the most effective ways that you can use to attract someone to buy your product or service.

It should not necessarily be something physical. Sometimes a kind behavior can trigger the emotions of obligation but what’s more important here is to be the first forgive without appearing like we’re expecting something in return. Make it seem natural as if you are giving it out of love or friendship.

Principle of Social Proof

The fourth step is the principle of social Proof. If others are doing it then we’re more likely to do it ourselves. We look at the people around us to determine our actions. So if everyone around is getting the new iPhone we are more likely to do that this world, that’s what advertisers love to inform us that their product is the fastest-growing or the largest selling because they don’t have to convince us directly that the product is good.

You only need to let us know that everyone around is using it so it must be good we have this kind of mindset that if everyone is doing it then it must be right. It’s not possible that everyone is wrong come on. They are buying it for reasons that’s how we think. Yes, of course. Not everyone is like that but an overwhelming majority ninety-five percent of people look up to others to determine their actions because if we don’t like to be different we want to be like everyone else.

So when it comes to sells you can talk about all the great benefits of the product but it’s going to be much more effective if you talk about how everyone else is using it, which will have a stronger effect. 


The last tip is scarcity. People want to have more of what class available. The only reason diamond is more expensive than gold, it’s not because they are better in some way but simply because they are scarce. We feel a sense of loss if we don’t get what’s less available. The ideal potential loss has a large role in human decision-making. In fact, people seem to be more motivated by the thought of losing something than by the thought of gaining something of equal value for example:

It’s easier to convince people to go to the gym by stating what they might lose if they don’t go to the gym than by what they might gain because you don’t want to lose the good health that you already have. You’re probably familiar with the limited number tactic. When a customer is informed that a certain product is in short supply that if you don’t get it now you will have to wait for another six months for the next stock.

To arrive or the dateline tactic where the products are only sold during a particular period of time the point is that making your customer to feel that he will lose something if it doesn’t acquire your product or service. It can significantly push him to make the purchase. 

At End

These principles and strategies are actually taken from the book by Robbers Eldini each of these principles can be backed by well-done research and experiment.

What do you think?

What do you think?

April 20, 2020


This blog is full of information but I want to know about…what is the difference between product selling and services selling and which one is easier…

April 20, 2020

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April 20, 2020

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June 10, 2020

Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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